Bill and Simeon are the very best of friends. Like all great friends, they talk, play, share, care and of course argue!

They live next door to each other, Bill in a red house with a red roof and Simeon in a yellow house, with a yellow roof.

Bill and Simeon don't just look after each other, they look after The Boy as well. The Boy thinks HE looks after THEM, but Bill and Simeon know different. And they've trained Him well. He brings them food when they want it, gives them toys, and makes sure they have plenty of sawdust to play in.

Sawdust? Oh, yes, didn't I tell you? Bill is a rat, and his friend Simeon is a mouse. Together they have lots of adventures, and when The Boy is out, they tell their stories to Leif Hewson to write them down, and Inna Hakala to draw them so you know what they look like.

You can find out all about Bill and Simeon's different adventures in their books - as well as listen to audio clips from the stories - click here

Click here to print off pictures of Bill and Simeon to colour in, and a dot-to-dot to find out what the two rodent friends are doing.

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