Bill and Simeon are a rat and a mouse, and feature in a series of children's stories written by writer Leif Hewson and illustrated by artist Inna Hakala.

We believe they will be best suited as bedtime stories for children aged 3/4 and up, and excellent early reading books for children 5-7 years old. We're keenly aware that the market for children's picture books is highly competitive but are confident, based on feedback received, that Bill and Simeon have a wonderful appeal to small children; written with humour and a sense of mischief, and illustrated with flair and beautiful characterisation. We're actively seeking representation in the UK and Finland initially.

The first book, Bill and Simeon and the quest for chocolate, is already illustrated, the second and third books written, and two more under development as you read this.

Please take the time to browse the Bill and Simeon website - we hope you'll be in touch. Email us at, or call us on 0845 009 0944.

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